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IBERASTUR was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing its customers with an integrated and efficient service for mechanical equipment, both machinery and structures, pressure equipment or piping, covering activities such as design and engineering, analysis of points of improvement, manufacture and assembly, giving full importance to efficient project management.
In response to the needs of industrial companies, we have our own workshop equipped with machinery and specialised personnel to support our activity, where we can also integrate our experience in other related activities that may be necessary such as insulation, heat treatment or refractory.
The location in Asturias further increases the value of IBERASTUR’s proposal due to the communications and industrial infrastructures at its service. Asturias is an industrial region in its own right.
IBERASTUR covers with its own means and through strategic alliances the entire path that a product must travel from its conception to delivery to the customer anywhere in the world.

We provide solutions for industry

Formed by professionals with more than twenty years of experience.

Customer partnership as a strength

Efficiency in management, a core value



To solve client needs by supplying full quality products within a tight schedule.


To be a leading turn-key project supplier worldwide. To achieve recognition for our excellence and unique personal attention to clients.


  • To create value for clients, thus taking it as a company’s strategy asset
  • Reliability, responsibility, attention and response
  • Enthusiasm and team work
  • Ethics as a behavioural principle and reference
  • To focus on innovation as a key element to growth and leadership


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Engineering and project management

We incorporate mechanical engineering as an essential service for our clients when designing the best solution. In addition, IBERASTUR, with its staff, combines engineering with the integral management of industrial projects.

Industrial Consultancy

Because we cannot solve or improve what we do not know, at IBERASTUR we offer an expert industrial consultancy service prior to the development of the project, as an element of value for the industry in those cases where it is necessary.

Industrial equipment manufacturing

IBERASTUR brings together the experience of the Spanish company in the manufacture of industrial equipment.
We carry out in our workshop the high-value manufacturing processes adapted to the needs set out by the engineering phase.

Asset integrity and management

The pace of work in today's industry does not allow for unscheduled interruptions. IBERASTUR offers a control service for essential equipment, especially pipelines, to ensure the least possible interruptions due to repair needs.


Oil and gas



Chemical and petrochemical