Industrial equipment manufacturing

We stand out for manufacturing, installing and putting into operation those mechanical solutions that we have previously designed.

It is not the volume of what we manufacture but the care and attention to detail that distinguishes our work, which is why we take each job as something unique in which we put all our workshop experience.

We have accumulated dozens of years of experience in the manufacture of complex industrial equipment for industry, we use all types of materials and we are able to incorporate the necessary control and safety elements for their commissioning into our products.

Main types of equipment manufactured:

  • Solid handling equipment
  • Load handling and lifting elements (manufacture and adaptation).
  • Pressure and static vessels.
  • Petrochemical process internals
  • Control and data processing cabinets.
  • Piping support
  • Miscellaneous machinery

Collaboration with the company’s staff as a fundamental
fundamental element of our methodology